3 ways to style a basic White Shirt

White shirt is a staple in all our wardrobes, but is it always that one boring formal look we can use it for? So here I bring my versions of styling the basic white shirt.

Office style: White and formals are synonymous to each other. Pairing the ruffle shirt with a black pleated midi skirt and black ankle boots. Statement jewellery can also be worn with formals if done right, so here a pair of geometric hoops. Mid parted sleek straight hair and nude makeup.


Bridesmaid look: The wedding mornings are always a little tricky to style, if not done right, can fall flat. Taking up one of my favourite lehenga skirt, Iโ€™m pairing it with the same white shirt. To give this look a slight edge pairing it with black boots and shades. For jewellery its a pair of metallic earrings. Style it with nude makeup and flat straightened hair


The Date Dress: A classic red and white combo never fails. Pair that white work shirt with a spaghetti red dress, a sneaker or heels both goes well for this look. Leave your hair loose and soft nude make up, voila youโ€™re ready.IMG_20200404_230230

Hope you guys find this helpful. Do post if you are trying any of these styles, do tag me on . Have a happy and safe quarantine.


5 thoughts on “3 ways to style a basic White Shirt

  1. Variants are on points. Loved that official one the most, Wedding outfit will be new kinda experiment with a white shirt.๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป
    Date Wear will surely make that boy seeing an angel in frontโ˜บ๏ธ

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